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My paintings inhabit the border between abstraction and figuration and have their basis in exploration through seeing, experience and research around the ideas I am currently working with.


I draw on a wide range of sources from the most obvious classical themes in painting to the subtlety of philosophical and mystical thought. In making paintings I am absorbed in the endeavour to discover of an energised sense of connection and consciousness both between people, historical traditions and the boarders of perception from whence things emerge from the hidden into the seen. 


The use of colour in my paintings is vital to the sense of presence, energy and subtly that is discovered or revealed through the process of working. It provides a source of atmosphere and links each work with its origin that is sometimes visual, sometimes historical, philosophical, poetic, musical, intuitive, perceptual or experimental or combinations of these. I work on paintings in groups and find this an energising and dynamic process whereby there is a constant discovery of new visual aspects in the relationships and engagement with the tactility of the process of painting. 


Each group of work is a new journey and each painting a new kind of sensitivity and living energy to be explored and realised. Through the process of constant reviewing and reflection, the paintings are worked towards the realisation of a sense of connectedness that links them with contemporary life, cultural histories, artists, practices and symbologies. 

If you would like to enquire about the purchase of works please send me a message via the Contact Page.

Some works are also offered for sale through the RiseArt website


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